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In our main Chemical Business Sector, we focused on chemicals at the early stage or since our business started in 1828, and from the Meiji Period (1868~) we have showed great contribution to the development of the Japanese chemical industry.
The network that we have built so far by responding to the market needs produced in each era has become our irreplaceable wealth that many customers trust and rely on.
Beginning with the dye business since our Company was founded, basic chemical products support each industry nowadays, we also offer to customers such environmentally-friendly products that respond to the demand from the marketplaces these days, as well as high quality and high value added products that support Japan's cutting-edge business. Our Company will continue to grow and make significant contribution to this world.

Major Products

Inorganic Products

  • Sulfuric acid, soda products, chromium products, phosphates, hydrogen peroxide, carbon black, silica gel, kaolin, slaked lime, activated carbon, fluorine compounds

Organic Products

  • Methanol, ammonia, acetic acid, higher alcohols, modified starch, epichlorohydrin, various solvents, various catalysts, surfactants, perfumes, flocculants, fatty acids, plasticizers, flame retardants, vulcanization accelerators

Synthetic Resin

  • Urethane resin, fluorine resin, epoxy resin, vinyl chloride, silicone, phenol resin, poval resin

Environmentally Friendly Products

  • Heavy metal scavenger, waste water treatment agent, flue gas desulfurization agent, VOC decomposition agent, deodorant, soil conditioner

Other Products

  • Surface treatment chemicals, fluorine coating agents, rare metals, functional food materials, various imported products