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1828 Established as a wholesaler of drugs, dyes and roughs by the 1st Yasubei Konishi in Nihombashi area
1852 The 2nd generation Yasubei Konishi succeeded
1873 Started imports and sales of inorganic chemicals (sulfuric acid · soda ash · sodium bicarbonate)
1880 Delivered raw materials to the Ministry of Finance National Printing Bureau
1881 The 3rd generation Yasubei Konishi succeeded
1920 The 4th generation Yasubei Konishi succeeded

History of Company Establishment

1921 Reorganized as YASUBEI,KONISHI & CO.,LTD.
Kihei Konishi became the 1st President
1926 “KONISHI Market Report”, a periodical business report was published
1948 Kiichiro Konishi assumed office as the 2nd President
1950 Kiichiro Konishi was inaugurated as the Board Chairman of the Tokyo Dye Industrial Chemicals Association (now Tokyo Chemical Industry Trade Union)
1957 Osaka Branch Office opened
1965 Tasuku Konishi assumed office as the 3rd generation President
Konishi Building was established (present headquater office)
1971 Kashima office opened
The company changed its name to “Konishiyasu Co., Ltd.”
1975 Kosuke Konishi assumed office as the 1st Chairman of the National Soda Sales Assocition
1976 Toshiyuki Konishi assumed office as the 4th generation President
1979 KONISHIYASU NOGYO SHIZAI Co., Ltd. was established
1996 Singapore Branch Office opened
Kawamura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was merged as a subsidiary company
1998 Local subsidiary companies were incorporated in Singapore and Malaysia
2001 Registered: ISO 14001 certification
2002 Registered: ISO9001 certification
2004 Shanghai Representative Office opened
2007 Murakami Chemical Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary company
2008 Local subsidiary company was incorporated in Shanghai
2013 Thailand Representative Office opened
2015 Taiwan Branch Office opened
2018 Local subsidiary company was incorporated in Thailand
2021 Takeshi Konishi assumed office as the 5th generation President