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Message from the President

Chairman Representative Director Toshiyuki Konishi : On the left side
President and Chief Executive Officer Takeshi Konishi : On the right side

Konishiyasu Co., Ltd. was founded in 1828 by Yasubei Konishi in Nihombashi area as “Konishi Yasubei Shoten”, a wholesaler of drugs and dyes. He was a descendant of Yukinaga Konishi, who was a famous business talented “Daimyo” lived in Azuchi Momoyama era (1573-1603).

After the Meiji Restoration, Konishiyasu began importing and selling chemicals from overseas, while participating in the establishment of domestic chemical factories, paper mills, banks and other enterprises. No time or effort was ever spared in the quest to help forward Japan’s economic growth and progress, and Konishiyasu has continued to walk the front line in the chemical industries as a leading trading company.

On November 15th, 1921, Konishiyasu was reorganized into the incorporated entity Yasubei Konishi & Co., Ltd. The Company subsequently assumed its present name, Konishiyasu Co., Ltd. in 1971.

Since the foundation, “Trust is Capital”, which is the Company’s policy and ideology, and the Company emblem called “Kanekuroboshi”, which means to be “first of all things” (comes from Yukinaga Konishi’s crest ), has being the very important philosophy. Furthermore, “Trust and Credibility” which is the previous president (the present chairman and executive director Toshiyuki Konishi) proposed, became another policy and ideology. They are having been continuously succeeded since the early days and to the next generation, and I, as the nineth-generation top executive, will fulfill my responsibility to keep on succeeding. With the trust cultivated in the long history of over 190 years and the credibility ahead of it, the Company must be fully responsible through daily activities, make an effort to ensure compliance and preservation of the global environment, and always be conscious of SDGs to develop our business, due to the precise operation of Internal Control Office, Global Environment Office, Security Trade Control Office and Quality Assurance Office.

We aspire to becoming the No.1 chemical oriented trading firm in the world, having basic chemicals as a core business, we will be focusing on the field of electronic materials with high-quality advanced materials, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals as the field of life science and so on. We are now making particularly keen use of our five overseas bases, which include four local subsidiaries (in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Shanghai) and one sales branch in Taiwan, in placing the focus of operations on the Asia region. We strive at all the times to play an essential role in the ever-evolving business environment and the globalized market.

In addition, from the standpoint of Vice Chairman of Kanto Soda Sale Association, and Chairman of Eastern Sulfuric Acid Sale Association and others, we are determined to contribute to each industry and work very hard for further development and growth of the chemical industry.

I am looking forward to your warmhearted support and encouragement for our Company as well in the future.

President and Chief Executive Officer Takeshi Konishi