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We provide a wide range of products such as electronic parts for smartphones and Information Technology (IT) related products, electronic boards, semiconductor-related materials, next-generation energy materials for secondary batteries, optical materials for LED, printed electronics, toner materials, inorganic and organic materials.
We currently aim to expand the electret vibration generator which the demand is growing for the IoT field by targeting the vibration monitoring system for the plant facilities.

Major Products

Electronic Components

  • Dielectric materials (barium titanate, compounded materials, titanium oxide, barium carbonate, fritted glass)
  • Electrode material (Ni powder, Ni paste, silver paste, fritted glass)
  • Iron Powder (pure iron, alloy iron)
  • Surface treatment agent (water and oil repellency, heat resistance, insulating property, corrosion resistance)
  • Various Dispersants
  • Various Infrastructure


  • Sputtering target material (various metals, various ceramics)
  • Leveling Agent

Next Generation Energy-related Materials

  • Electret Vibration Generator
  • Compound oxide for fuel cell and next generation secondary battery

Optical Materials

  • Fluorine Film

Toner Materials

  • Styrene Acrylic Resin
  • Polyester Resin
  • Varieties of Magnetite
  • Various Waxes
  • Various Kinds of External Additives


  • Wiring Material
  • Various Thin Film Materials
  • Heat Dissipating Materials

Highlighted Products