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Pharmaceutical & Agricultural Chemicals

We introduce excellent products of pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals intermediates imported from overseas such as China and India.
To meet customers expectations and requests on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), we have expanded our company organizations and acquired various kinds of business grants by the government.
Working hard to have a good relationship and networking between manufacuturers and getting the trust from the customers for the product quality and the long term supply which we have built for years.

Major Business Activities

  • Importsales of pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, various intermediates and raw substance for medicine.
  • Sales for products complying with Japanese Pharmacopoeia
  • Various import support
  • Proposal for contract manufacturing service

Workflow Example

  • 1.Receive an inquiry about Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Chemical Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and Agricultural Chemical Substances
  • 2.Introduce domestic or overseas manufacturers where the customer requirements can be met
  • 3.Propose the quality, specifictaions and estimated price
  • 4.Supply the samples
  • 5.Arrange a factory inspection tour for the customer
  • 6.Support varity types of import procedures and services
  • 7.Supply the requested products

Registration: Head Office, Osaka Branch

  • Manufacture of medicinal chemicals (packaging, display, storage)
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesale
  • Importer of poisonous and deleterious substance
  • General distributor of Poisonous and deleterious substance