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LIMEX is a material mainly made from limestone that can be an alternative to paper and synthetic paper.
Compared to synthetic paper, petroleum-based plastics and greenhouse gas can be reduced. LIMEX Sheet is manufactured in a Japanese factory that operates with 100% renewable energy.

Product features

Alternative to synthetic sheets LIMEX Sheet uses almost no water resources in manufacturing and requires no wood pulp, thus contributing to the conservation of resources at high risk of depletion.
It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the use of plastics compared to synthetic paper.
Substitute for paper LIMEX Sheet is waterproof and tear-resistant. LIMEX Sheet is waterproof and tear-resistant.
Therefore there is no need to laminate printing materials such as table menus and posters.
Substitute for paper LIMEX Sheet features a luxurious matte and high-quality texture.
It can potentially be used for applications such as brochures, flyers, business cards, packaging, signage, or any other printed items where a luxurious matte texture and clear printing are desired.

Product use

  • Label and Sticker
  • Folder
  • Table Menu
  • Business Card
  • Map
  • Brochure



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