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Privacy Policy

Personal Information
We collect Personal Information in accordance with law and Konishiyasu internal policies and handle the data by fair means.
Purpose of use of Personal Information
When we request personal information from users, we will clearly specify the use for which the information is requested, and the information will be used only as specified.
We utilize Personal Information within the following purposes.
・with respect to the communication with the customer.
・for the purpose of running sales activities for the customer.
・for the purposes of processing payment.
・for the purposes of recruting activity.
・to provide the information for retirees

Personal Informaiton must be disclosed to the third parties when obtaining the personal information in writing from it's information holder.
Safety Management of the Personal Data
From preventing the leakage, loss and damage and the safety managements of the personal data, we take proper and necessary security management to establish the internal rules on security management system and implemetation system. We will also maitain to update necessary information for achieveing all of the purpose of utlizing persoal data.
Provision of personal data to a third party
We do not share Personal Information with others (the third parties) without the prior consent of it's information holder, except in certain circumstances including:
1)When we entrust business to others (the third parties) is necessary to achieve the business purpose.
2)When acknowledged by personal information protection law to provide Personal Information